Fiber Optic Cable Accessories

  • Poly Snap 120- 12mm optic cable mounting track

Poly Snap 120:

  • Two-piece mounting track with clear plastic cover.
  • Suitable for Side Light optic cable.
  • Available in multiples of 3 meter (9.8 feet) lengths.
  • Poly Cutter – Polished optic cable cutting tool

Poly Cutter:

  • Cutting tool with polished blade for clean cutting of optic cable.

NB: Poly cutters must always be used to cut optic cable. Do NOT use hot knifes or any other implements.

  • Poly 90 Pool Track – Pool tracking for 9.0mm Side Light optic

Poly 90 Pool Track:

Optic cable easily clips on to single-piece tracking.

Available in multiples of 6 meter (19.7 feet) lengths.

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