The Cheung Kong Building in Hong Kong is a remarkable feat of engineering and technology, and Poly Optics played a crucial role in illuminating this iconic 70-story building with a fiber optic lighting system project in 1998. The sheer scale of the project is staggering, with over 120,000 meters of solid-core fiber optic cable, 1,054 light drivers, and 12,000 stainless steel lens assemblies and light termination points required for its completion.

In addition to the lighting system, the project also involved setting up a sophisticated telecommunications network with nearly seventy data repeaters and 20,000 meters of cabling, as well as a computer system that controls the light drivers. All the components of the system were designed, built, and installed by Poly Optics, showcasing the company’s expertise and experience in the field.

The project took over 15 man years of supervision and installation time, demonstrating the dedication and commitment of the team to delivering the best results. The result was an awe-inspiring spectacle that illuminated the Cheung Kong Building in a mesmerizing display of light, showcasing the beauty and grandeur of Hong Kong’s skyline.

Overall, Poly Optics’ involvement in this project highlights their innovative spirit and their ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients around the world. The Cheung Kong Building project stands as a testament to their expertise and passion for creating unique lighting solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible.

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