New Low Cost, Flexible Fiber Now Available

Over the past 10 years, Poly Optics has developed two new, lost cost extruded side glow optic fiber and is proud to announce that these products are now available for use in industries like toys and novelties.

PolyCord and PolyStripe are patented, low cost and boast a long list of benefits, including:

– 100% FDA approved
– Uniformity of light for best looking results
– Fully flexible and versatile
– Highly reliable and maintenance free

These products have been specifically designed and developed by Poly Optics in order to fill a need in the market for a low cost fiberthat is flexible and versatile to suit a multitude of applications. PolyCord and PolyStripe are ideal for your product in applications such as: any toy or novelties, gaming machines, theme park novelties, computer and peripheral equipment lighting, gaming console lighting, automotive interior lighting and cell phone lighting.

Furthermore, no matter what stage your product development is, whether just a concept or market ready, Poly Optics can assist in concept and prototype development of your product. We have the team to help your product become reality.
Get in touch with us today to discuss your application or product concept.

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