One step into a casino anywhere in the world and very quickly the scope of the slot machine or pokies and gaming industry becomes clear; put simply, the market is huge! But with the overwhelming number of machines from competing suppliers, what machine do you put your money in? Which one attracts you, which one reels you in?

There is endless science and psychology behind this question, but perhaps the most important factor is the use of visual stimulus to attract the eye of onlookers and passersby. This can be achieved by the use of bright colours and attractive decals and of course by the use of lighting concepts.

At Poly Optics, our unique, patented super side light optic fiber is ideal for gaming industry applications. There is no other solid core fiber on the market with side emitting properties and that is flexible and versatile for almost any machine or application. Quite simply, no other product can achieve the lighting solutions than our Super Side Light optic fiber; our expert lighting engineers can even help develop the concept or application. Furthermore, our fiber is maintenance free, flexible, and durable.

Our Super Side Light optic fiber has been used in a variety of different poker machines globally and has delivered the desired results time and time again. Make sure your gaming machines attract the most users and contact us today to discuss options.

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